Shoulder Pain Treatments

There are several different chiropractic treatments for shoulder pain in Spartanburg, SC, that you can use to help you deal with the discomfort of your condition. Some treatments offered by Dr. Shaneen Brown include massage therapy, adjustment and manipulation of the spine, and TENS Units.

Adjustment and Manipulation of the Spine

The shoulder is a significant joint in the body. As such, it receives a tremendous amount of action from everyday activities. 

Spinal adjustments are among the most common ways to treat pain in your back and shoulders. This process involves the hands of a doctor of chiropractic adjusting the spine to free the joints and nerves. It also reduces pressure on the muscles that stretch from the spine to the shoulders.

Typically, a visit for spinal adjustment lasts less than 30 minutes. In addition to the manipulation, the chiropractor may use heat, ice, electric stimulation, and traction devices. 

These techniques are designed to relieve pain, enhance mobility, and promote the body's natural ability to heal.

Massage Therapy

Chiropractic care also helps to alleviate pain in the shoulder, which a wide variety of problems can cause. Shoulder injuries can result from sports, a car accident, or even repetitive motion activities like computer work.

Consider chiropractic massage therapy if you are experiencing shoulder pain in Spartanburg, SC. Massages work by improving circulation and relaxing muscles. They also help to eliminate trigger points, which are key areas where muscles may be tight.

Chiropractic care helps to heal joints, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. It is a natural, holistic approach that focuses on treating the whole body as a unit. By using an integrated system, Dr. Brown can pinpoint the exact cause of your pain.

TENS Units

A TENS machine is a small, battery-operated device that stimulates nerves to reduce pain. It can be used on several body parts, including the back, neck, and shoulders. The unit has a hand-held controller that allows you to choose a low-frequency or higher-frequency current.

The machine sends modified electrical pulses to nerves through electrodes attached to a sticky pad. Once you place the pads over your shoulder injury, you can adjust the frequency and intensity as needed.

Using a TENS unit on your shoulder is an excellent way to relieve pain and discomfort. However, you need to follow specific instructions for use. If you are considering buying a TENS, consult Dr. Brown first. She can show you how to use it correctly and give tips on where to put it.

Depending on your injury, Dr. Brown may recommend using a TENS unit on both the front and back of your shoulder. 

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